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Kindred Rehabilitation Services is passionate about delivering outstanding patient care and developing great partnerships with our clients, and you and your coworkers are at the heart of our success….

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This week’s FIM: Bowel Management

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– Bowel Management includes complete and intentional control of bowel movements and use of any necessary equipment or agents for bowel control. Assess the patient’s need for assistance associated with bowel management and the frequency of accidents. Record the lower FIM rating for Bowel Management.

– If a patient is on a bowel program and using suppositories, the patient’s rating may range from level 6, Modified Independence to level 1, Total Assistance.

– Medications used for bowel management are agents. If the patient uses medications, rate the patient level 6, Modified Independent. Natural laxatives (i.e. prune juice, herbal teas) used for bowel management are not agents.

– If a helper administers an enema to the patient, rate the patient level 1, Total Assistance.

(Content reference source for all the FIM Facts are the UDS Helpful Hints and UDS FIM Scenarios) See MoreSee Less

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This week’s FIM topic was Bladder Management. Don’t forget to message us or comment your answers each week, we will send you a little thank you in the mail for participating. Here is the answer:
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