Industry Updates

Proper Positioning: Part 3

In coding treatment diagnosis, use the code which relates to the diagnosis for which therapy services are provided.

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Proper Positioning: Part 2

When completing a comprehensive positioning evaluation it is essential that the therapist consider the medical diagnoses and anticipated impairments that may impact alignment, function, skin integrity…

Proper Positioning: Part 1

Proper positioning is critical to the well-being and quality of life of our residents. Therefore, it is important that, as clinicians, we have an understanding of the components of a comprehensive pos…

Section GG Item GG0170: Mobility Definitions and Coding Tips

The ability to roll from lying on back to left and right side, and return to lying on back on the bed.

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Section GG0130: Self Care Definitions and Coding Tips

Eating: The ability to use suitable utensils to bring food and/or liquid to the mouth and swallow food and/or liquid once the meal is placed before the resident.

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Key Coding Questions | GG0130 & GG0170

The following key coding questions are intended to assist you in coding resident’s usual performance for each activity using the six-point scale.

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New Section GG Items Taking Effect October 1, 2018

New items are being added to Section GG, including definitions and coding tips. An overview of these changes includes:

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Pusher Syndrome

Pusher Syndrome is a unique presentation of abnormal body posture seen in approximately 5-10% of post-stroke patients. It is also known as Contraversive pushing, Ipsilateral pushing and Lateropulsion…

Z-Codes as Treatment Codes in ICD-10-CM

As many of us can recall, CMS implemented the use of ICD-10-CM almost 3 years ago (10/1/15). While our knowledge, experience and comfort level with ICD-10-CM has progressed over the years, we must alw…

Documentation Tips – Evaluation (Part 1)

With the scrutiny that payers have on our documentation, understanding what constitutes a comprehensive therapy assessment, progress note, and discharge assessment is vital to support medical necessit…