Industry Updates

How To Document Co-Treatment

Co-treatment may be appropriate when 2 clinicians from different professional disciplines can effectively address their treatment goals while the patient is engaged in a single therapy session, in ord…

Point of Service Documentation

As therapists, when we hear the phrase “point of service” documentation we tend to think about the daily note that pertains to the treatment that we are providing between the time we clock in with…

Update on Independent Review Organization (IRO) Ongoing Audit

On January 10, 2018 RehabCare completed year 2 of the 5 year audit requirement under the Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) with the government.

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Treatment/Documentation on Day of Evaluation

Daily Treatment Note narratives are not a Medicare required document.

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Documentation Requirements: When Plan of Care Frequency is NOT Met (For Medicare A and Med A like Payers)

Definition of Frequency: Frequency refers to the number of times in a week the type of treatment is provided.

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Year in Review: The Best of 2017 Fast Fact Fridays

As you know 2017 was an extremely busy year with renewed focus on Documentation quality by government contractors, outside auditors and clients in addition to our ongoing focus on Quality care and doc…

RHB FFF 1-5-18 – CMS Regulation Changes for 2018

CMS has made many changes to the regulations which went into effect January 1, 2018. Below are the changes that will need to be implemented in order to remain in compliance with CMS.

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Building Our Culture

Kindred Rehabilitation Services is passionate about delivering outstanding patient care and developing great partnerships with our clients, and you and your coworkers are at the heart of our success….

Daily Acts of Holiday Kindness

Tis’ the season to get into the holiday spirit! An act of kindness is a wonderful way to spread the joy of the holiday season.

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Standardized Tests

CMS requires every OT and PT evaluation to include a standardized test and recommends SLP to complete a standardized test as well as ASHA.

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