Industry Updates

Dining Considerations for Persons with Dementia

Eating is an important self-care item that is included in Section GG scoring.

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When to Bill 97110 -Therapeutic Exercise vs. 97530 -Therapeutic Activities

Recent documentation audits have identified educational opportunities on the difference between therapeutic exercise and therapeutic activities, and when to bill and document each different HCPC/CP…

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy Some Watermelon!

One of the traditional elements of celebrating Independence Day is a family or community picnic.

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Safe and Sound: The Journey of Teaming

SAFETY FACT: In 1979, NASA scrutinized the causes of major aviation disasters in order to improve safety.

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Safe and Sound: Measuring the Journey

SAFETY FACT: “The fundamental law of improvement is this: Every system is perfectly designed to achieve exactly the result it gets” –Dr. Don Berwick, Former Administrator for CMS

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Safe and Sound: Leadership’s Role in the Journey

Safety Fact: In March, 2018, the World Health Organization released the following statistic: There is a one in a million chance of a person being harmed while traveling by plane.

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Safe and Sound: Committing to the Journey

SAFETY FACT: Based on data from James and the American Hospital Association, an average, 100-bed hospital committed errors in care that caused the death of 23 patients in 2013.

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Safe and Sound – Celebrating Safety Month

One of the most critical roles that we fulfill is guaranteeing the safety of the patients who entrust their lives to our care.

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Anything BUT “Cookie Cutter” Therapy

As a speech-language pathologist, many times our role is extremely clear. We are very confident receiving orders for assessing and treating aphasia, dysarthria, and dysphagia.

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Take the Time to Determine the Best Codes for our SLP Services

As we move toward the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) in October, it’s very important to ensure that we are describing a patient’s medical complexity as thoroughly as we can.

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